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Why your end-to-end customer experience is only as strong as its weakest link

Humans are a pessimistic bunch. Studies show that we remember negative events with greater clarity and accuracy, and they re-trigger our emotional responses more than our positive recollections. This element of human psychology is why business owners have their work cut out when managing customer experience, and ensuring client satisfaction. The value of one negative […]

7 Ways to Clean Up Your Business Language

We all know the feeling. Buying a new car or claiming from insurance – convoluted language is often used as a trump card – a “thanks for playing, but you should’ve read the fine print”. So why do we put up with it? The need for plain language has sparked a global movement. Worldwide, especially […]

The Road is Paved with Good Intentions

On a recent outing to that most loved or loathed of South African institutions – Builders Warehouse – I was hardly through the front door when I was met by the words, “Can you rate my service?” What alarmed me most was that, when asked this question, I had not received any service at all. […]

Great App! But Can You Do Beta?

Great App! But Can You Do Beta? Whether driving to work, sweating it off on the treadmill, or binge-watching their favourite courtroom drama, 91% of smartphone users keep their devices within arm’s reach 24/7. Apps have become the way we connect with the world – and the way we conduct business. Since its inception in […]

Get your head out the sand

Blog – Get your head out the sand |nlighten Innovation is everything today. That might be a bold statement, but if you are paying attention to the world around you, you’ll agree. It starts with leaders who understand the need to challenge the status quo and disrupt their own assumptions to create a business that […]