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Smarter and Smarter – nlighten talks to GetSmarter

nlighten chats to Sam Paddock, CEO of GetSmarter GetSmarter’s success did not happen overnight. It took many failed experiments and bad names (GetBrains) before its launch in 2008. In the last seven years, the online education company has shown 100% year-on-year growth and this year, is on track for a staggering R260 million turnover – thanks, […]

10 Ways to Improve Your Business Writing

 How to enhance your business communications with plain English. Few touchpoints ruin the customer experience quite like overcomplicated language. Jargon and legalese abound in the business world – something that prompted nlighten to compile an online Dictionary of Customer Experience jargon, and to investigate the use of plain language in a recent blog. A little […]

A View from the Outside In – The Alan Pennington Interview

South African companies are becoming more and more customer centric. In October, nlighten hosted our most popular Experience by Design workshop to date – which was, as always, facilitated by our global guru in experience redesign, Alan Pennington. We caught up with Alan after the workshop – somewhere between Dubai and London – to tell […]

In the Dark

“Don’t keep your customers in the dark!”  Load shedding is back and very much a part of general conversations around the water cooler, braai or the dinner table, as people come to terms with living and working with regular power cuts, which apparently are here to stay.The way that Eskom has dealt with, or rather […]

Size Does Matter

They say that we shouldn’t sweat the small stuff. In life that’s right on the money, but when it comes to customer service, it’s the small things that make a huge difference and that can make or break the customer experience. So yes, it’s true – size does matter but not in the way you […]

Private Investigations

Modern businesses know that information is more than just data; it’s a very valuable asset. Unfortunately, there are some less-than-scrupulous businesses that choose to trade in this asset – usually without the knowledge of the people whose personal information is at the heart of it. At nlighten we have always been 100% committed to dealing […]

Unlocking the SA effect

It’s pretty easy to lament all that is wrong with customer service in South Africa. A few minutes spent around the typical South African braai will quickly reveal that everybody seems to have his or her own service ‘horror story’ – each one more cringe-worthy than the next. The thing we often lose sight of, […]

Promises, promises

To fly. To serve. These apparently simple four words were at the heart of the British Airways recent re-launch. They’re not new. In fact, according to the ads used to promote the new, improved and supposedly customer service oriented airline, they have been in use in the organisation since the early nineteen hundreds. They’re even […]

There is no ‘you’ in service

There’s a very old saying that instructs us to ‘treat others the way you would like to be treated.’ It’s certainly good advice and is undoubtedly very true for anyone who wants to be liked and respected. But if you’re involved in a business that requires you to deliver good customer service, you need to […]

Don’t call me, I will call you

I’m sure that the clever marketing person who first came up with the idea of a call centre had the very best of customer service intentions at heart. Unfortunately things have changed over the years and, while there are a small number of call centres that really do add value to the customer experience, there […]

Value Up + Costs Down = Customer Service Success

As a business owner – there are 2 principles that are essential to running a profitable organisation. The first is to keep things simple, because that is invariably the most effective way to get results. Over complicating anything in business is the quickest way to limit its effectiveness– and that goes for everything from strategy […]

Monopoly can be a dangerous game

Business growth is a natural by-product of success. It’s obviously a good thing because it generates profits for owners, returns for shareholders, and jobs for the unemployed. But growth can also have one profoundly negative consequence for a business when it results in a lack of customer service and a failure to keep on viewing […]

Not such a great ‘Kodak Moment’!

Millions of people around the world were shocked to learn that Kodak has filed for bankruptcy. The question on everybody’s lips was ‘how is it possible that an organisation the size of Kodak, with a name that is truly iconic in the world of photography, could possibly have allowed itself to reach this dismal situation?’ […]


Companies often spend many hours and many thousands of rand on developing their brand slogan or ‘tag line’. And so they should. This catch phrase has the potential to become the one thing that places them top of mind amongst their customers and prospects by describing the kind of customer experience they can expect when […]