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Get Creative!

Although this complex and digital “Selfie Era” is upon us, the number one key service driver in today’s world remains simple: Human Empathy. It has become somewhat difficult to be able to not only offer service that is of a relevant standard, but also to offer service that is still a humanized experience. Businesses have […]

Hire The UX Guy!

We are all familiar with the buzzwords “Big Data” and “AI” (Artificial Intelligence), but have you heard of “Anomaly Detection” (AD)? Anomaly Detection refers to the new age, cognitive method of tracking patterns in order to predict consumer behaviour. People believe that AI is going to take over the world, including marketing jobs, but some […]

Success is Simple! It’s in your DNA

Your brand DNA is made up of several core components, such as the brand vision, mission and values. We’ve all read that marketing strategy book. However, when are we going to get real and realise that no one really studies your brand’s marketing story. No one cares about a lengthy, drawn-out marketing strategy document. Not […]

Final Boarding Call for CX

According to Forrester Research, on average, US airlines sacrifice as much as $1.4 billion in annual revenue by not improving their customer experience (CX). United Airline’s recent brutal incident has been the latest headline-maker that airlines need to learn valuable CX lessons from. To briefly sum up the incident, 4 passengers had to be removed from […]

The customer is always going to be right

The clichéd statement, “the customer is always right”, has never been more true. Several studies over the years have shown that emotion is the top driver of loyalty and more and more businesses are seeing the value of listening to customer feedback in order to achieve great customer experiences, and ultimately, success. Whether in a […]


As a customer, sometimes trying to communicate with a company representative is like having dental surgery without anesthetic! The frustration alone of not being able to get hold of someone to help you is enough to deter one away from a company completely, without even enduring the pain of complaining. Today, it has become a […]

The Carrot is Not Enough!

Many studies across the globe support the fact that the engagement of employees is in direct relation to customer experiences. Employees are the most important part of the business and they have needs. If these needs are not met and they are not kept happy and motivated, they will automatically become unproductive and deliver poorer […]

The Social Media Microphone

As we know, our world is digitally advancing at an increasingly rapid pace. Connecting to people and businesses has never been easier, and this worldwide shift in Customer Relationship Management has heightened the expectations of customers. Businesses are recognizing the fact that social media is no longer just an effective marketing tool; it has formed […]

Real Research

Research is the most powerful tool that drives valuable customer experience. Without research, businesses do not have sufficient information about the customer and therefore, cannot exceed the quality of the delivery expectation of the customer. Any business-to-customer relationship should function as a loyal human-to-human friendship. Would you purchase a clothing item for your friend’s birthday […]

10 Most Irritating Customer Experiences!

10 Most Irritating Customer Experiences! Bad customer experience is something most companies work to avoid. Businesses depend on happy customers in order to reach or maintain a level of success. There are so many common mistakes that companies tend to make within the customer experience space, and these are the top 10: “Your call is […]