These Winning Service workshops are ideal for your frontline staff and call centre agents who are often the first impression of your company’s service commitment to its customers.

The Winning Service Workshop is designed to equip and empower employees and managers to deliver superior service.

Your employees are more than just staff…

They are an extension of your business, a core part of your brand and, in many cases, the face of your company. Customers do not deal with your business, they deal with your people. If you are serious about giving those customers consistently excellent service experiences, you need to be serious about transforming your employees into customer service champions.

Developed with the customer facing employee in mind, the intensive, one-day Winning Service Workshop will give your employees (entry level to junior management) a clear understanding of what great customer service is, why it is so important, and what a vital part they play in delivering it. We will provide them with all the knowledge, insight and practical tools they need to transform themselves into the service champions of your organisation.

When your employees are service champions, it makes your customers happy, which means your business wins. If you are ready to revolutionise the way your employees see themselves, enrol them for our next Winning Service Workshop – and empower them to deliver the kind of service where everybody wins.

Workshop Content:

Delivering on your promise: What is branding, its importance for the business, how each person can develop it and deliver on the promises they make.

Make your mark: What is personal branding, understanding your unique value proposition and how important this is in selling your organisation and its products.

Anticipatory service: What is great service, why it is important, and how do you achieve it?

The power of words: The success of your relationships depends on the success of your communication skills (verbal, non-verbal & written). Understand how you communicate and the effect it has on your customers.

Customer loyalty: Going beyond just service to create memorable customer experiences as a means of ensuring repeat business.

Effective complaint handling: The changing voice of our customers and essential recovery skills to turn an “oops” into an opportunity.

We offer a full-day workshop that includes learning materials, a certificate of completion, the very latest cutting-edge customer service information and tools, plus refreshments and lunch. For more information on our next workshop, please contact Brendon on 021 794 7533 or email: